Product samples

You can visit our premises and check the quality of the products yourself. Or else, we can send you, without compromise, a personalised sample of any of our products.

Own transportation

The company has its own transportation, and makes use of the most modern distribution techniques applied to the logistics efficiency that makes the product reach different destinations at customer’s disposal.


Our processing plant is equipped with the best machinery, in addition to that, skilled labor that controls every detail and our own fields.


Alfaban incorporates the DEWPOINT 6210 machine, to improve the quality of its big hales, unique in our country and imported from the USA.

The Dewpoint machine produces steam generating a pressure inside the boiler. At the moment of baling, the steam will be distributed in the nozzles. When the bales are shaped with steam, excellent results are obtained.

This machine allows:

  • Prevent leaf loss:  58% less leaf loss using the Dewpoint. More harvest in the bale, not on the ground. More leaves improve the hay quality.
  • Make more uniform hales and adjust their humidity.
  • Increase the hale density by 20%
  • Achieve quality in the formation and aspect of the hale. The machine obtains a good leaf model together with straight stalks and a hale with square corners and even sides.