In the year 2005, in the east of the Cordoba province, a family-owned company was born. It soon managed to become one of the greatest benchmarks for the marketing of alfalfa.

The impressive plant, located in the surroundings of Transito in the central eastern part of the province of Cordoba – Argentina, is witness to the presence and sustained growth of Alfaban. This company was a farmer’s dream and, today, it captures most of the local and national market.


The main objective -manufacturing a unique good quality product- has always been respected by the group which owns its own fields and machinery.

At the beginning, production was aimed at the local market, but since sales increased at the same pace as neighbouring countries’ needs, exportation started. This made Alfaban SRL a leading company on the alfalfa market of our country.

Alfalfa can easily adjust to climate and soil conditions, which makes this region of our country one of the best for the cultivation of this legume.

Alfaban is the result of experience and professionalism at the service of its customers’ specific needs.

Due to selected technology, skilled labor and thorough controls, the company premises display care and neatness in the manufacturing process of its main products.