Our products are made with alfalfa and machinery itself, thus ensuring the quality and efficiency in making bales, rolls megafardos and alfalfa, the latter, for the production of pellets. We also have modern units to transport goods across the country.

What is Alfalfa Pellet?

Alfalfa pellet is a source of vitamins and minerals with good palatability. It is mainly used for feeding small ruminants, pigs, horses, rabbits and paultry. Besides employing direct supply, balanced feed producers reprocess alfalfa pellet in order to use it as one of the components of other balanced feed manufacturing. The alfalfa pellet process is made by grinding rolls of that pasture. Ground and dehydrated alfalfa goes through a compacting and pressing process whereby the finished product is obtained.


Alfalfa Megabundles and Bundles

We produce alfalfa bales and megafardos. As these, inputs for animal feed supplementation.



Our processing plant is equipped with the best machinery, in addition to that, skilled labor that controls every detail and our own fields.


Product samples inside Argentina

You can visit our premises and check the quality of the products yourself. Or else, we can send you, without compromise, a personalised sample of any of our products.

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With our production, besides supplying the domestic market, we allocate part of it to companies in neighboring countries of Uruguay, Brazil and Chile, Colombia and Venezuela also.